Head tracking via your phone’s compass and gyroscope.
Transfer your head movements to the game you are playing on your PC in real time, via the freetrack protocol. Very fast and easy to set up!


If your phone has no gyroscope the accelerometer will be used. This causes limitations. More info at the end of this description.

For detailed instructions click the button on the left or here!

How does it work?
You simply start the app and strap your phone to your head (which can look ridiculous, but works great). (See instructions for pictures)
Your phone's compass and gyroscope measure your head movements (yaw, pitch, roll) in real time and transfer these movements via WiFi to the application opentrack on your PC. opentrack then sends these movements via the freetrack protocol to the game you are playing on the same PC. Very accurate with no delay!

What games are supported?
Most games that support TrackIR also support freetrack. Most notable but not limited to: “Elite: Dangerous”, “Star Citizen” and “Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
If you are unsure whether the game you want to play is supported, download the trial version for free and you can make sure it does before buying!

  • Head tracking
  • Center your view anytime by tapping on the phone screen
  • Center your view by shaking your head
  • Audio cues / Text-to-Speech for events (tracking started, tracking stopped, view centered, compass calibration needed, battery low)

Please make sure your phone is securely strapped to your head and can’t fall with fast head movements. The developer is not responsible for any damages caused to your phone while using this app!

If your phone has no gyroscope:

Head tracking will still work using just the compass and the accelerometer, however the experience will be less than optimal. Looking up and down can result in also moving your view a little bit left and right. At the same time the view is not stable. I would suggest to set "Roll" to "Disable" in the "Output remap" settings of opentrack. As long as you use this for only looking around in game, everything should be fine. However it lacks the accuracy to use it for aiming.